Many surgeries require you to follow up with a rehabilitation period after leaving the hospital. You are often asked to spend part of this time in a skilled nursing home, which compounds the stress and uncertainty of the situation. Staying somewhere unfamiliar can create an uncomfortable environment for healing and recovery. Many of the fears associated with going into a rehab program in a nursing facility are based on myths people have passed along. The following are four of the most common myths about rehabilitation after surgery and why they aren’t true.

MISCONCEPTION: The cost of a rehab facility is too high

Many people consider the cost of a rehab facility to be too expensive. However, a rehab center is fully equipped with everything you’ll need for your recovery. Without access to this equipment, you would have to buy or rent what you need. You would have to hire someone to come to your home and assist you with the therapy as well. Rehabilitation requires the proper equipment along with the correct exercises in order to return your body to its normal range of movement. If you do not do rehab correctly, you could end up injuring yourself, which could cost you even more.

Completing exercises will require outside medical assistance. If you do not go to a rehab facility, you will need to pay someone to come to your home. Looking at the costs to purchase or rent equipment, hire help, and pay transportation expenses will show you a stay in a facility is more practical. Many insurance programs including Medicare will also pay all or most of the costs involved in rehab programs.

MISCONCEPTION: Short Term Therapy is just Physical Therapy

Fact: Inpatient physical rehabilitation programs are not the same therapy offered at your local outpatient Physical Therapy clinic. While physical therapy is definitely an important component of rehabilitation, inpatient programs offer much more. You can expect to be treated with a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan, formulated by a multidisciplinary team of rehabilitation experts and designed to provide the care you need to make the most of your recovery. Depending upon the personal needs of each patient, services may include treatment by rehab professionals that include physical and occupational therapists, nutritionists, respiratory therapists, counselors, social workers, along with 24-hour skilled care provided by nurses and a physician who specialize in rehabilitative medicine.

MISCONCEPTION: If rehab doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t work

You will hear many people tell you that post-surgical rehab has to hurt for it to benefit you. However, rehabilitation after you’ve been in the hospital should not be painful. You may feel discomfort, but understand that the professional therapists are focused on your progress, recovery, and comfort. They will only push you as far as your body needs and will allow you to stop if something becomes painful.

MISCONCEPTION: You can do rehab by yourself

Even though you may be motivated, you are probably not capable of performing rehab by yourself. Therapy is critical to your healing after surgery. When you work with specially-trained professionals, they ensure you focus your energy on the necessary steps to recover. Some of your rehab therapy can be done at home once you’ve received proper instruction. However, most procedures require the skilled assistance of someone trained in rehab therapy. It is proven that you will recover more quickly by going to a rehab facility after your surgery.

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