Inpatient rehabilitation isn’t the only option for therapy after accidents, surgery or extended illness. Outpatient therapy is another way in which patients can receive dedicated physical therapy to help with recovery. In outpatient rehab, patients see a physical therapist for 30 minutes to an hour sessions rather than having to stay in care 24/7. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why outpatient therapy is becoming an increasingly popular choice for anyone seeking physcial rehabilitation.


Outpatient therapy sessions can be scheduled to fit around your normal daily routine. With inpatient care, you may have to cancel work and family commitments. With outpatient rehabilitation services, you can get the treatment that you need with minimal disruption to your everyday life.


Inpatient programs often require patients to live in a hospital-like setting until the condition improves. With outpatient care, it is possible to have short daily sessions at a rehabilitation center. This is often a more comfortable option compared to staying away from your home, and often away from your family.


Inpatient rehabilitation costs can be high, mainly because of the additional costs of accommodation, meals and round-the-clock care. With outpatient rehabilitation, you will only pay per session, which makes it a much more economical option. Medicare, as well as most private insurance plans, usually cover most, if not all, costs of outpatient rehabilitation.


Finally, outpatient rehabilitation therapy is a beneficial practice for patients with a range of conditions, including those dealing with injuries due to car accidents to people who have recently suffered a stroke or heart attack. 

Overall, if your condition allows for it, outpatient rehabilitation can be a convenient and cost-effective option for patients suffering from a range of issues who want to be able to continue with their daily lives with minimal disruption.

At Outpatient Rehab, we offer outpatient services right across the street from our Senior Rehab and Recovery Center, and we provide the same team of highly-skilled, attentive therapists to help walk you through your recovery process.

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