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Formerly Senior Rehab & Recovery Center

Champion Rehab at Limestone​

After an illness, injury or other reason for a hospital stay, you need a confident and compassionate team to help you transition out of your stay. Whether you require long-term or short-term physical, occupational or speech therapy assistance, receive the comprehensive care, personalized recovery and premier care afforded by Champion Rehab at Limestone in Athens, Alabama.

Comprehensive Care​

Surgery or illness can take away your ability to carry out your daily tasks independently. Don’t let a small setback keep you from recovery. Our highly experienced team at Champion Rehab offers specialized treatment and therapy options for a diverse range of difficulties.

From regaining your physical abilities to practicing your cognitive skills, we can identify any speech, occupational or physical requirements you may need, and utilize our extensive team of trained professionals to provide premier services in your local area.

Our facility doesn’t just offer personalized therapy, such as joint replacement rehabilitation or communication skills, but we also provide routine and emergency services required for medical needs such as cardiac recovery, wound care management and other essential services.

Personalized Recovery​

Following our mission and vision, our primary goal at Champion Rehab at Limestone is to provide you or your loved ones with a personalized recovery plan that:

• Offers superior quality services

• Enhances your quality of life

• Uses cost-effective solutions

• Is personalized to your specific needs

Our personalized care begins with a caring patient diagnosis of your needs. Rehabilitation is a very personal journey, so no two individuals who have undergone the same procedure need the exact same rehabilitation services and progress in the same way.

As your local Nursing Facility, Champion Rehab offers the long term or short term care needed to give you or your loved one the best chance at a full recovery in a comfortable, safe environment.

Premier Rehabilitation in Athens, Alabama​

With our skilled team and proven rehabilitation treatment options, you or your loved one will enjoy a safe, beneficial stay for a short period or extended time. Don’t spend your days in an uncomfortable facility or missing out on essential rehabilitation services necessary for your full recovery. Whether you need to recover from a minor accident or major surgery, you can rest easy and recover comfortably with The Champion Rehab family.

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Physical Therapy
  • Post operative rehabilitation

  • Complex post-surgical needs

  • Gait training

  • Bed mobility

  • Training in the use of assisted devices for functional mobility

  • Strength and endurance training

  • Pain management techniques

  • Balance training

  • Stroke rehabilitation

  • General weakness rehabilitation

  • On-site family training/education

  • Prosthesis training

  • Therapeutic exercises

  • Spinal/joint pain

  • Modalities for pain/swelling

Occupational Therapy
  • Regain or retain independence with activities of daily living 

  • Joint replacement rehab 

  • Balance/coordination training 

  • Individualized care 

  • Strength and endurance training 

  • Adaptive/compensatory technique training to increase independence 

  • On-site family training/education 

  • E-stim/ultrasound 

  • Bed/wheelchair positioning

  • Orthotics 

Speech Therapy 
  • Vital stim 

  • Communication skills 

  • Memory enhancement techniques 

  • Swallowing dysfunction 

  • Reasoning skills training 

  • Cognitive training 

  • FEES assessment (on-site) 

  • Audiology assessments (on-s

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