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Why Home-owned and operated means better care.

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Home-owned and operated. You don’t hear that much anymore when it comes to nursing homes. Twenty years ago, the nursing home sector was predominantly owned by individuals within the local community. As the industry grew and demand increased, the for-profit segment in the modern hospital sector became front and center with the rapid 

growth of proprietary corporate “chains”. Many observers view this increasing ‘’corporatization” of American health care as the most significant development since the passage of Medicare and Medicaid. 

Limestone Health Facility is proud to be one of the few Skilled Nursing Facilities in Alabama that remains home-owned and operated by the same family. Our company has been caring for folks in our community for over fifty years. We are not a “chain”.  We provide skilled nursing, short-term rehabilitation and long-term restorative care. Our goal is to help you or your loved one get back in the community as soon as possible!  Call or stop by for a visit or tour of our facility and to meet our expert staff of nurses and therapists. We would love to show you how we take care of our residents.

If you are one of the thousands of people who will have to make the tough decision about whether or not to put their loved one in a nursing home, consider the following advantages of nursing home care:

» Our trained staff can provide expert medical attention and round-the-clock care

» We are staffed with a dietician and nutritionist who can ensure proper nutrition for optimal health.

» We provide many social activities and a sense of community to  rehab patients and long-term residents

» Nursing homes are evaluated and these reports are available through Medicare, so you can make sure that your loved one is staying at a safe nursing home.

» Relying on our staff of professionals will put fewer demands on family members who may not have the time or resources to care for their relative

Must-Ask Questions when Choosing a Nursing Home

1.  What services do you offer?

Limestone Health Facility opened in December 1965 with 86 beds. We are celebrating over fifty years as one the few locally-owned and operated long-term care facilities in the state of Alabama. In the last fifty years, Limestone Health has grown to a 170-bed licensed, skilled nursing facility specializing in long-term care. The 34-bed Senior Rehab and Recovery Center wing opened in 2004 to offer short-term inpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy for patients who want to gain the strength and skills required to live independently. 

We provide three nutritious meals a day, housekeeping services, a beauty salon/barber shop, laundry services and many choices in social / recreational activities. In addition, we offer coordination of physician services, post-hospital and post-surgical care, Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy, Social Services, therapeutic and specialized dietary services, hospice services, and insurance coordination.

2.  Are you Medicare/Medicaid certified?

Medicare covers up to 100 days of a skilled-nursing home stay for short-term or long term care. Forty-five percent (45%) of nursing home costs in America are covered by Medicaid. Limestone Health Facility is in good standing at both the state/federal level.

3.  Is the location of the facility realistic? 

Lengthy drives will affect visits and add barriers to relationships with friends and family members, including spouses still living at home. Many families face a tough conundrum. Sometimes it’s a matter of choosing between top-ranked but distant facilities for loved ones to visit vs more accessible locations.

Located in the heart of Athens, Alabama, Limestone Health Facility is an easy drive from Huntsville, Madison, Decatur and Rogersville. We are proud to serve all areas of North Alabama. We encourage families to visit as often as possible and participate in their loved one’s care.

4.  Do you accommodate special diets? 

Residents come in with their own dietary preferences and restrictions. Some also may have medical orders for soft or puréed diets, for example. 

We serve three nutritous meals-a-day to our residents and we try to accommodate most patient’s dietary preferences/restrictions. We also employ a registered dietitian who oversees the nutritional program for all our residents. 

5. How do you prevent pressure sores?

If someone is bed bound or not very mobile, they have to be moved in order to avoid the development of pressure sores.  

In addition to care protocols, Limestone Health Facility utilizes on-site equipment, such as special mattresses that can relieve pressure points.  Prevention and wound care is a priority at Limestone Health Facility. 

Quality of Care Considerations

According to The Alabama Nursing Home Association, Alabama nursing home residents…

» receive more hours of care per day from certified nursing assistants than the national average

» have fewer pressure sores than the national average

» have fewer reports of moderate to severe pain than the national average

» have fewer depressive symptoms than the national average

» have fewer urinary tract infections than the national average

Source: Medicare Nursing Home Compare, May 2017

If we can answer any other questions you have about short-term rehab or long-term restorative care, please don’t hesitate to call us at (256) 667-8421. If you would like to tour our facility, call Edie Belue at (256) 667-8421.



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